What To Expect When You Visit CityChurchATL

Plan your experience. We hope to see you!

Contact & Directions
  • Try to show up early to give yourself time to find things and check in
  • Look for our visitor parking right in front
  • If all the spots are taken up, there's plenty more just beyond
  • At the front door, let our greeters know it's your first time so they can guide you
  • Once you enter, our guest team will be on your right
  • Grab a coffee, meet our team
  • Consider them to be your concierge. Get help with checking in your kids
  • Get a brief overview on where things are and what happens rest of the time
  • Our main santuary doors are just to the left of guest services
  • Our ushers can guide you (or you can find your own sean)
  • 20 minutes of worship with free expression. Sit, stand, kneel, or dance. No pressure.
  • Worship is followed by a 40 minute message
  • As you exit the sanctuary, our Next room is adjacent on the right
  • Meet with our Next team to help you with all your questions
  • Collect your swag
  • Thank you for visiting!